Radio Free Mormon: 121: Defender of the Faith Lecture 8

This lecture from my 1989 Institute Class, “Defending the Faith,” demonstrates conclusively that the LDS Doctrine of Deity, though unusual in many respects, is completely vindicated by the Holy Bible!


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 121: Defender of the Faith Lecture 8

  1. Really interesting to listen to these “That’s what I firmly believed back then” lectures! While I understand you don’t believe it now, I am curious if you were aware back then how much you were arguing against a strawman version of the Trinity rather than what what (thoughtful and studious) orthodox Christians actually believe. For the record, I don’t believe in either, but I find that Mormons don’t really understand the Trinity concept and thus bring up superficial gotchas that aren’t really gotchas according to the orthodox concept of the Trinity.

    In any case, thanks for sharing these. Would love to see current-day RFM debate 1989 RFM.

    • The Orthodox view however is not based on the Bible but on “traditions.” So, it’s a different situation. What RFM appears to be doing here is refuting a particular line of attack which comes from sects other than Orthodox.

      • To be clear, I didn’t mean orthodox as in Eastern Orthodox theology; just the traditional (orthodox) beliefs of the vast majority of (generally Protestant and Roman Catholic) Christians. I think “young RFM” is intending to argue against their view of the Trinity. But most of the “gotchas” don’t actually conflict with their concept of “three eternal consubstantial separate persons.” (No matter the genesis of that concept.)


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