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Radio Free Mormon: 135: Gen Con McNuggets Part 4 – Women’s Session

RFM begins his review of the General Conference Women’s Session from October of 2019.  There is so much to talk about, he gets only half way through the session!  Enjoy!  And hey, hey, hey!  Let’s be careful out there!


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 135: Gen Con McNuggets Part 4 – Women’s Session”

  1. Kudos, RFM, for courageously addressing, with proper rigor, a talk given by a (gasp) woman, during the October General Conference. Even gentle criticism of women’s addresses has been woefully absent in the conversation surrounding Mormonism, partly perhaps due to an unwillingness to hint at misogyny, or to the high level of pablum women leaders seem almost obligated to spoon into Mormon mouths, but ultimately appearing to be (most insulting of all) due to the soft bigotry of low expectations. And who can blame everyone for mistaking a woman’s talk for a much needed bathroom or snack break—it’s tradition, and Mormons love tradition. But back to the talk by Reyna Aburto. I do honor her willingness to confront the problem of depression among Mormon women. She is more than forthright about her own father’s suicide due to depression, and that, I believe was the most impactful contribution of her talk. I do, however, agree with RFM: the entire thrust of her talk, in encouraging women to not demand perfection of themselves was completely obliterated by the quote from Russell M. Nelson, in which the good doctor prescribes attention to “small and simple things” that will impart strength during difficult times– including EXACT OBEDIENCE. Boom. Even with the vigorous application of a little bit of lipstick, people cannot successfully speak out of both sides of their mouths. Her every premise that began with so much promise was effectively banished by this so called “solution”. As a woman, I’ll say, Reyna, you bungled it. Sometimes we women do that. Please call us on it. We can take it.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, E. Woo.

      In the past, some listeners have mildly criticized me for not going into the women’s talks in General Conference. I remember wondering even at the time whether they really wanted me to do that, inasmuch as I would be as frank and unsparing with the women’s talks as I am with the men’s.

      And even when I was going through the women’s talks for the October 2019 Gen Con, I was wondering the same thing.

      Thank you for your words of support.

      At least I am an equal opportunity offender.


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