Radio Free Mormon: 137: General Conference McNuggets Part 6

RFM keeps crushing General Conference as only he can!  Up on the chopping block are talks by all three members of the First Presidency!  Care for some tasty McNuggets, anyone?


14 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 137: General Conference McNuggets Part 6

  1. Thank you RFM. There isn’t anyone like you…even your thrown together podcasts for the cause are top notch!

    With respect to your comments on Dr. Nelson’s , oops Pres. Nelson’s talk, if I’m not mistaken, I believe that the changing of the robes from the left to the right shoulder signally a change from aaronic priesthood ordinances to melkezedik has been taken out of the endowment as per the latest changes?

    • continuing…so his comments to the women of the church about officiating in the aaronic priesthood ordinances of the temple is even more confusing now. The temple is already bizarre enough in terms of trying to make sense of how the priesthoods and tokens line up…egads!!!! Id love to hear your thoughts.

      • I think a good case can be made that the temple endowment was structured to give priesthoods to both men and the women, and that this was understood by some early church leaders.

        Even Brigham Young (of all people!) spoke publicly about the priesthood held by women: “Now, brethren, the man that honors his Priesthood, the woman that honors her Priesthood, will receive an everlasting inheritance in the kingdom of God.”

        – Journal of Discourses, v. 17, p. 119

        • Fair point. Good source. I think your conclusion about Nelson just trying to placate the disgruntled women in the church with pointing this out is spot on. I don’t think it will satisfy for long or come without opening a whole new pandoras box of new demands and entitlements his comments will stimulate on the matter of women and the priesthood and them exercising it outside the temple.

          I myself, having left the church 5 years ago, never desired any of that. I’m your age, was born in the church and really identify and appreciate your memories of what was emphasized and taught over all those changing years. Its quite enjoyable and satisfying for me.

          • You know, the difference between the church forty years ago versus today is so extreme, I sometimes wonder if I am making it up, or misremembering how it used to be. It is always helpful to me to find others who lived through Mormonism in the 1970s who remember it the same way. It lets me know I am not completely off my rocker. I know that some of it is because of rose-colored glasses and my not being as aware of what was going on then as I am now. But still, there was a definite difference!

          • yes, you have been very accurate in your mormon nostalgia thru the decades. I have shared over the years with my children about how it used to be and what was emphasized and how. They find my recollections interesting but its so nice for my experience of those times and seasons in the church to be validated by a fellow contemporary. Thank you, RFM. You’re the best!

    • You know, I think you are right about that. I haven’t been to the temple in a while but I do recall that being one of the changes where they did away with that part of the ceremony so that patrons don’t have to stand up and sit down anymore. When I heard about that originally, I remember wondering how on earth they are going to stay awake without the occasional requirement to stand up.

      • Bwahahahahaha!…you’re too funny. Too bad it had to be so mindnumpingly boring AND we had to intensify that boredom with reverence. LOL!

  2. Just wanted to leave a quick THANK YOU for the podcasts! You are definitely doing your part in keeping us entertained. I look forward to each and every one be. I especially like the way you dissected the first talk in the women’s session. Nailed. It.

    • Thank you, Kelly!

      I am back to taking the men to task in today’s episode.

      It just went up!

  3. As you said, to make women happy with their state in the church…how true. You used the word” paliative” which in medical terms is to keep comfortable as someone dies. How appropriately phrased. That’s exactly how I felt. Utah Gov. Herbert signed into law today SB102. This lessens polygamy to be equal with a parking ticket. Nothing happens here in Utah without the church’s approval and lawmakers use the exact same language the LDS church uses to explain..it will help women. Yea right…the pandemic will help the church squeeze its members even more. It’s the same for religion as in politics…..a crisis never goes unused.
    If I were still a mormon I would be living in such fear.
    P.S. I let my husband listen to your podcast make way for dodos..the one which was perfect timing for me. Anyway, he found out why he hears me laughing every time I listen to you. You’re hilarious and I can listen to you without being triggered as they say.
    Here’s a challenge for you….hands down polygamy is atrocious and the most damaging to me as a woman, let me clarify, mormon polygamy. I wonder if you could do a podcast on mormon polygamy and make it as entertaining without equating it to a lifestyle choice. Any time god is invoked it’s not a choice.
    You really are so fun to listen to which is why you’re number 1.

    • I didn’t know that about the Utah Governor signing that law. Living outside Utah, I don’t get all the news!

      It’s funny you mention my use of the word “palliative” because after I used it, I double-checked myself by googling it to make sure I was using it correctly!

      I think polygamy is a fascinating subject, but I am a little trepidatious (checks Google again) about sticking my toes in that water because the subject is so complicated. I do know that Lindsay Hansen Park has done the best job hands down of anybody I know digging into the mire that is Mormon Polygamy and making it accessible to the average listener. On the other hand, I have a dear friend who deeply believes that Joseph Smith didn’t practice polygamy and this was all a scheme concocted by Brigham Young in “the secret chamber” and carried on behind Joseph’s back and against Joseph’s wishes. So at some point, like it or not, I may have to make myself more acquainted with the source materials.

      Thank you so much for listening! I hope your husband liked Make Way for Dodos!


  4. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to these podcasts! Thank you for taking the time…and making the effort to help keep us sane and interested during this crazy time. I hope your voice holds up!

    • Thanks so much, Shelley.

      I had a LOT of difficulty putting together today’s podcast but with a little grit and determination, I just got it done.

      I hope you like it!

      Thanks for listening!


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