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Radio Free Mormon: 139: General Conference McNuggets Part 8

Joyous cries are heard throughout the land as RFM releases the final podcast in his mammoth eight-part series examining October General Conference from 2019!  This is definitely one for the record books!


12 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 139: General Conference McNuggets Part 8”

  1. Massive kudos!…your podcasts this week have seen me through some very unpleasant family stuff this week. I literally laughed out loud at your signature discovery of the theme, ‘faith NOT to be healed by the priesthood power” in conference talks.

    When you said the worst thing anyone dying could do is ask Pres. Eyring for a blessing, it was the darkest funniest moment in the whole podcast. i had to pretend I was laughing about something else because my TBM husband was in the room.LOL.

    Your brilliant sense of humor has the power to heal many a broken exmo’s heart!

  2. I don’t remember which episode this came up in, but I wanted to comment on mormons “receiving their own planets”. As a mormon, I believed that FAQ answer was completely true. That we do not believe we will “recieve a planet”. IIRC, most statements have used the term “world” in this context, which I interpreted as meaning universe. So I have always thought that no, we don’t believe we will be “given a planet” we will be given power whereby we can create Universes, which is different, and would make what the Church said in their FAQ technically not a lie.

    1. I have heard this type of idea before, Abraham, and you may be right, but I tend to think it falls short.

      Here is what I mean: If the church meant what it is you believe they meant, why didn’t they take the time to simply say that, just as you have done in your comment?

      I think it still comes around to the idea that the church is embarrassed of this particular doctrine, and that whether it is one world or many, they don’t want to say it in public.

      Hence the dissembling response.

      Thanks for listening!


    a horror story

    President Grim Reaper stands at the door. The doctors know their patient must be very important. They bring out the special death certificate, that only HE may complete. The one stamped “ONLY SIGN BY THE REAPER”: five words stamped in the official church pentagram (modeled after those on the Nauvoo temple).

    The visitor nods. There must be paperwork, or people would question the body count. A bony finger lightly brushes the parchment as the figure floats by. The letters glow and rearrange, like reformed Egyptian on a seerstone.


    (Yes, it’s an anagram.)

    1. Fantastic story, Chris!

      I liked it so much I read it in today’s podcast.

      With attribution!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to cobble that one together!


  4. I too have noticed the frequent use of alliteration. This has always been one of my favorites – from President Nelson in April of 2013: “ Pinching pennies for piggy banks becomes part of your practice!”

    1. Ouch! That one makes me wince!

      I can only imagine President Nelson was very proud of that particular alliteration.

      No wonder President Nelson outlived his colleagues to become church president!

      Well, that and the need to emphasize the usage of the full name of the church.

      And institute a new logo.

  5. Thank you for your outstanding dedication to sharing your thoughts with us concerning Oct Conference 2019 it was a tough assignment that you set yourself 8 podcasts entirely for the benefit of others possibly like me who are struggling to make sense of why the heck have I just spent 40 years of my life and substantial resources of time and money on something that turns out to be a pack of lies.
    Podcast 8 struck a chord with me in a number of ways especially to do with the lack of any demonstration of power in the priesthood within the church leadership ie no healings, no miracles, no revelation nothing yet I have witnessed these things at local ward level. Over 40 years I have served mainly in leadership positions too numerous to mention including 10 years on stake High Council and Stake Mission President. I have been involved in countless blessings and witnessed people recover from sometimes serious issues. One of our 12 year old boys in the ward was diagnosed with a stomach cancer too big to operate his future was very uncertain the whole ward fasted and prayed a blessing was given he recovered without surgery that was about 30 years ago. One of my most dramatic experiences was somewhat unusual in that involved my mothers budgie. My mother a non member had been abandoned by my father and she was devastated one of her comforts was her little budgie,Joey. I called to see her as I often did and she was in tears she had taken Joey to see the vet the feathers on his chest had fallen out and in their place was a large bare swelling he had a malignant tumour the vet could do nothing and said that he would not live long. My mother was heart broken she loved that little bird. I returned home and asked God for his advice he told me what to do I took Christine my wife with me we gave Joey a blessing and told mum not to worry things were gonna be fine. Two days later Chris and I went to see Joey and not only was he still alive the swelling had gone and his feathers had grown back. As God is my witness this true my wife can vouch for this.How is it that a daft lad like me and probably many people at ward level can experience these things and yet our leaders don’t seem to have enough faith to even try to give a blessing of hope and healing.
    Oh I could go on but let that suffice I believe totally in personal revelation and have had some wondetful experiences.

    Thank you RFM God bless you.

    1. I just told your story in today’s episode, Dave! I added a story of my own that it reminded me of.

      I hope you like it!


  6. My answer to your question “why can’t we hear one freaking story about someone getting a priesthood blessing and being healed.” Is that the leadership has realized that the expectation that the priesthood has healing power is a faith trap. Priesthood holders feel their still small voice give them a strong prompting to promise someone they will be healed, and then they die. Then they naturally question their prompting as well as the priesthood, especially if they are in good standing with the church.

    So the leaders are pre-empting this faith killing scenario by extinguishing our hope of priesthood healing well in advance.

    1. I have to add that we actually did get a story of priesthood healing this last general conference in Elder Andersen’s talk. It was about a child who miraculously recovered after receiving a priesthood blessing from two missionaries. It was easy to miss because it was told in one sentence. The point of the story was not the healing, but the fact the healing caused a certain woman in Italy to become interested in the church, take the discussions and end up joining. It is a strange thing to finally have a miraculous story of healing, but to use it only as an introduction to a story about someone being baptized. I am going to have to think a bit about why this would be told in this way. Thanks for your comment, Jonathan!

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