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Radio Free Mormon: 141: MTC Sex Scandal–The Recordings Part 1

After a two-year legal battle with the BYU Police Department, Radio Free Mormon has finally succeeded in obtaining copies of audio recordings related to their investigation of former MTC President Joseph Bishop for allegedly raping a sister missionary in 1984.  These recordings will be released in three parts.  In Part 1, we release the recording of the criminal complaint made to the BYUPD by Mckenna Denson in early December of 2017.


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 141: MTC Sex Scandal–The Recordings Part 1”

  1. What’s the March music that you’ve been using as your introductory theme? I’ve been wondering ever since you played it.

    Thanks for your answer!

    1. Honestly? I have no idea! I was just getting this show up and on the road with a lot of help from Bill Reel, and I told him the name of the podcast and how I thought it would be fun to introduce it with some martial music. So Bill went digging and came up with this piece. He didn’t want it to be immediately identifiable and I think he succeeded in that. So the bottom line is I can’t answer your question because I don’t know. Just another of the many mysteries of Radio Free Mormon!

  2. there are so many things wrong with this situation! I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just wondering how this happened? So Joe bishop immediately sees this girl upon entering the MTC calls her out for testimony. And there are three other girls in the office for special attention. getting called to the presidents office to be alone with him? I mean I can see how a young girl who going on a mission will do anything her priesthood leader tells her to do. Like all joe bishop is missing is a flaming sword.

    I understand this guys repressed sexuality. it is like trying to push water uphill. Males/Priesthood holders have sexuality like anybody else. Where is it to go? here is a man with extraordinary power (president of the MTC) with a population of sexually mature and naive females. of course he is intrigued with her previous sins. Poor guy never experimented as an adolescent. He is on the outs with his represssed wife. this whole environment is a powder keg.

    Another question. Mckenna’s history of abuse/sins? isn’t all of this resolved with the Bishop before entering the MTC?! I mean you cannot get into the MTC with your wisdom teeth intact. How would the MTC president identify “incoming prey”. How does He know of her past? Just asking… were there so few sisters at the time he could review all incoming sisters and look for signs of weakness?

    I was in the MTC in ’86

  3. I was an AP to Joseph Bishop when he first arrived in Argentina as Mission President. There were actions I observed first hand that lead me to believe these women are telling the truth.

    The abject delusions of Bishop that it was demonic spirits in him when it was his own sexual deviancy and proclivities that were boiling up in him (while he still had a conscience). Calling the AP’s to your house at midnight to exorcise demons with yells of, “Get him out, Elder, he’s inside of me..!” when it should have been a confession of the soul to leaders and a release because he was unfit to serve as Mission President.

    1. You were AP to Joseph Bishop in Argentina?

      I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences with him.

      Let me know if you would be willing to talk with me about the subject.



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