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Radio Free Mormon: 145: From Childhood’s Hour

RFM shares a fistful of formative experiences with religion he had growing up.  These experiences shaped him into the teenager who accepted Mormonism right after graduating from high school.  And perhaps these experiences also shaped him into the man who became . . . Radio Free Mormon.


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 145: From Childhood’s Hour”

  1. RFM

    I never miss an episode! You have a gift. You understand Mormonism’s thorniest issues at a Vogel/Quinn/Prince level, yet your commentary is clear, uncluttered, and convincing. Hmm, even “quick and ​​​powerful​, ​​​sharper​ than a two-edged sword, to the dividing asunder of both joints and marrow”. Ha. 😂

    Thanks for the effort you put in to this!

  2. Thanks for all the stories and sharing, nourishing, meaningful, fun listening for my Friday afternoon. ☺️

    1. Nice to think we can all share a virtual Friday afternoon together listening to something fun.

      I like that image!


  3. I am *loving* your frequent podcasts right now! Thank you, thank you for your work and I want you to know that you are most definitely helping me get through this quarantine right now.

    1. You are so welcome, Laurel!

      I just learned yesterday from a Bill Reel podcast that “quarantine” comes from the Italian for the forty-day period sailors were required to stay on their ships after docking in order to make sure they weren’t plague carriers.

      You take care of yourself and stay safe!


  4. By the way, the title of this podcast comes from the opening line of a poem by Edgar Allen Poe titled, “Alone.”

    It is a poem very meaningful to me.

    I do so hate it when nobody sees my Easter Eggs! ;^)

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