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Radio Free Mormon: 160: SPECIAL REPORT–MTC Sex Scandal Cover-Up

BREAKING NEWS! Radio Free Mormon presents newly discovered evidence that the LDS Church was involved in a cover-up of critical information relating to the Joseph Bishop–MTC Rape investigation.  This is one you won’t want to miss!


16 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 160: SPECIAL REPORT–MTC Sex Scandal Cover-Up”

  1. Wow!!

    Now that’s what I call seeing and revealing!

    It is proposed that Radio F. Mormon be sustained as Apostate, Seer and Revelator. (No need to actually vote, that’s so last century. We’ve already printed the proclamation and ordered the big red chair.)

  2. Oh my goodness RFM…that was the most deeply satisfying itch scratcher of all time! Your are a brilliant lawyer. When do you have time to do all that you do??? It’s mighty impressive.

    I’ll bet what you so skillfully exposed is standard operating procedure for the church in Utah. It’s pretty much understood that they pull all the political and state policies from behind the scenes. Their deep pockets allow them to keep their public noses clean while they insure they do whatever has to be done to get what they want….dirty bastards!!!

    I hope you get to stand up in front of congress or something and read that into the record. Hahahahahaha!!!!

    That must be so gratifying, but what a royal pain in the ass for you.

    I heard it said once, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord..but if your’re really good, I’ll let you watch!”

    Thanks for letting us watch 🙂

  3. Now it will be fun to see how they weasle their way out of doing the right thing yet again… Lying for the lord beautifully demonstrated time and time again!

  4. RFM, if Joe was right,I’m going to need a really good attorney to get into the celestial kingdom. What’s your going rate for heavenly representation?

  5. Acknowledging your legal prowess notwithstanding, how awful it is Denson is a liar. Bishop molested sister missionaries for sure but Denson is not one of them. I believe Mckenna has second hand knowledge from women who were there as she knew pertinent details but listening to Bishop he did not touch her. She speaks too easily of the assault, in fact if you listen to all Mckenna has said she’s been sexually assaulted more times in her life than is believable. She nearly had her fingers chopped off by a step dad, beaten by people protecting the church, her car set on fire. It’s shameful and IMHO should be criminal. Every time a woman lies women like me who don’t lie go unbelieved and/or disregarded. My case did go to court and I discovered why so many women stay silent. I was lucky, he pled no contest.
    I was excited to see a strong woman who had the guts to stand tall and take on the mighty church….we all know the church lies. We all know they hide truth. We know they hide sexual predators, look at Arizona law. Yet I cannot applaud a fraud, even one that could have stuck it to the church.
    I didn’t leave a fraud to latch onto another.
    So I applaud your efforts to show the church is always the scoundrel, but Mckenna Denson has like many others, just added more difficulty for the true victims of sexual assault.

  6. Beloved Podcaster Naa that’s not gonna happen sorry!

    Lets stick with RFM (Rescue For Mormons)

    I have to agree with others comments you are like a dog with a bone you just don’t let go and I like that and of its pretty obvious you are a true professional, very impressive. Thank you for digging out the truth, the real truth, nothing but the truth. Its just a shame that the Q15 believe that they think it’s acceptable to brush the truth under the carpet to protect the good name of the church. Don’t the fools realise that their constant lies are helping to bury the church not save it. 40 years ago I was looking for the truth I had already dismissed the J Dubs and the Christadelphians and then was totally blinded somehow by a pack of lies from the Church of LDS (Lying Dirty Scoundrels) I know now that I so desperately wanted it to be true that I convinced myself that it was and that resulted in the mighty change of heart that I experienced. It was all lies Nephi didn’t build an ocean going ship, they never were in the Americas, there were no brass plates, no gold plates. I was conned or was it fraud. Does anyone know a good layer who could claim my £100K tithing back.
    Sadly I don’t have any sound tracks from “Chuck and the Cherokees” but I can tell you we did a hellova good “Its only Make Believe” written and recorded by Conway Twitty released 1958 in Nashville Tennessee

    People see us everywhere
    They think you really care
    But myself I can’t deceive
    I know it’s only make believe
    My one and only prayer is that some day you’ll care,
    My hopes, my dreams come true, my one and only you.
    No one will ever know how much I love you so
    My only prayer will be someday you’ll care for me
    But it’s o-only make believe.

    No I am not singing this to you RFM you are probably way too young to have even heard of Harold Lloyd Jenkins (Conway Twitty) I would love to be woken up by this playing loudly at 3am in the morning especially now that I have moved my bed away from the low beam. Go on “Play the Tape” if you can find it.

  7. Well, it’s a good thing “we believe in . . . obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.” Otherwise people might think we don’t. – Sadly, similar sorts of things happen at “public” universities in Utah, i.e., the lines of church and state blur in efforts to protect the position and reputation of those in power. For example, I’m aware of a situation of a university president recruiting a temple president to help persuade a county attorney to prosecute a faculty member (to help validate the president’s termination of the faculty member’s contract). To his credit, the co. Attorney didn’t do their bidding.

  8. I think you’re wrong on the law here.

    SB 197 did not convert the BYU police department into a public agency. Rather, it changed the definition of a law enforcement agency to include “a private institution of higher education, if the entity or division has been certified by the commissioner.”

    It also amended the definition of a law enforcement officer to simply one who is an employee of a law enforcement agency, elimination the qualifier that the agency had to be administered by the state or one of its political subdivisons.

    It did not convert the BYU police department into a public agency. As I understand it, the department is a division owned and operated by BYU. If that’s the case, how can there be a conflict between the two of them?

    Maybe the emails are not privileged for other reasons, but your argument that the privilege was waived because both the police department and BYU had the same attorney won’t get you there.

    1. Hi, Roger!

      I think the new legislation is viewed by all parties at this point as making BYUPD fall into the definition of a public agency.

      It is included within a private institution of high education (BYU) and was certified by the commissioner (at least at the time I made the GRAMA request).

      I agree that the BYUPD is owned and operated by BYU, but it is nevertheless a public agency under the definition of the GRAMA statute.

      That is the crux of the legal issue here, as you point out.

      The issue is whether a private corporation (BYU) can interfere in the manner a public agency (BYUPD) responds to public disclosure requests.

      Especially is this issue important where the public disclosure requests have to do with a criminal investigation containing information that could make the private corporation (BYU) civilly liable.

      It is definitely a thorny issue, and one on which there is not a whole lot of precedent.

      We will have to see how the Utah State Records Committee rules, I suppose.

      Thanks for listening!

      And for weighing in!


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