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Radio Free Mormon: 165: A Mormon in the Dance Department

I want to dedicate today’s episode to my first dance teacher, Mr. Robert Smith, who passed away two years ago today. Thank you for being such an important influence in my life, Mr. Smith.  I miss you.  We all miss you.


14 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 165: A Mormon in the Dance Department”

  1. Aw?…very touching stories. It’s great to see how humor really bridged the chasm with your good friend. This episode really made me want to see ‘A Chorus Line’ again. I was obsessed with that movie from the early 80’s, I think, with Michael Douglas as Zach…, that movie delivered the cheese big time. LOL

    I think I would have died if you hadn’t ended this episode with “One”

    ( I hope I’m not making too many comments )

      1. So many times. I have thought of “what I did for love” when I get depressed about lost years to Mormonism or maybe even dedicating so much of my life to my kids. It helps.

  2. I wonder if your brother ever considered an interview with a rival podcast, telling HIS side of the story. 🙂

    On a tangent, have you considered taking on a volunteer researcher? (Not me!) It might be a solution to the time problem you mentioned in a previous podcast. Over on the “about” page there are several fascinating offers where people say “I have inside info / research, get in touch if you are interested”. A researcher could turn these into reports: call it “reconnaissance behind enemy lines”. Then if you are too busy for ten hours of research you could pull up to one of those reports and read it on air with live commentary. They could also summarise old classics like the best threads on the OTHER r.f.m. or the salamander society. Those places have some very well informed posters.

    Just an idea to save you time.

    1. PS I am not suggesting that this excellent and heart-felt episode was filler!! Just posting here as I thought you might see it. Personal podcasts are always good. As long as you’re dancing, we’re asking.

    2. I will tell you that my brother, who continues to be a believing Jehovah’s Witness, listens to pretty much every podcast.

      So I imagine he will listen to this one and if he has any corrections to make, I will share them with the audience!

      As to your other suggestion, I will confess I generally don’t like to rely on researchers, either in my legal work or in my podcasting.

      I just don’t trust people enough. That’s my problem.

      It puts a bigger burden on my shoulders, I realize, but I also tend to feel more confident in what I am saying.

      Was I hearing you volunteer your services, by the way? ;^)

      1. Hey y’all! That story about the haircut and the painting in the hair before a performance was worth the price of admission. I feel bad that I laughed so hard at that but it is a perfect story. We can all relate I think.

  3. Wonderful to hear about Mr. Smith and your friend Chris.
    Yet…..Carmen. That is a story I want to hear. I’m now married to my true love from 1980. We didn’t marry back then due to mormonism. He wasn’t one. 30 years apart with wild rides in both our lives.
    So….will Carmen agree to you sharing your love story? To quote another listener..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    1. LOL! I will have to check with her to see if she will agree to be interviewed!

      Glad you enjoyed hearing about Mr. Smith and Chris.

      Two really great guys!

      1. I just assumed your mention of Carmen was foreshadowing for an upcoming..”And now for the rest of the story” episode. It’s a must!!!

  4. Thanks for a charming podcast to brighten a scary day. Here’s my awkward Mormon Dance Moment: I’m a student at BYU, in the hall of the Wilkinson center, peering in at a ballroom dance class like dozens of other people who liked to stand just outside the door. One of the dancers leaves the classroom, looks around, and points at me and he says: “My partner didn’t show up today, come in and be my partner”. I’m stunned. “Oh, I don’t dance, no, not me” I stammer. He begs me, but I demur: “But I’m wearing a pair of (get this) hiking boots” (very heavy ones) I say. “Doesn’t matter.” he says. So I go in and dance with the guy. Turns out it does matter. Clomp—clomp—clomp—ball—change… Everyone watching. Yeech. Not sure if that’s better or worse than wearing shoe polish for a performance.

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