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Radio Free Mormon: 178: Marriage on a Tightrope – Without a Net!

RFM interviews the hosts of Marriage on a Tightrope, Kattie and Allan Mount.  Kattie and Allan are in a mixed-faith marriage.  Their podcast seeks to help others navigate the sometimes stormy waters of mixed-faith marriages.


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 178: Marriage on a Tightrope – Without a Net!”

  1. Very nice couple who demonstrated a high degree of respect and tolerance with what for some, could be very marriage threatening issues.

    In a mixed faith marriage myself 5 years down that path, as the one who left, I realized in this interview that it might be easier for the person leaving the beliefs to be patient with the one who stays.

    Because we no longer chain ourselves to their beliefs, we have a lot less to lose by practising patience and understanding. The one staying has no relief or sense of peace in the gospel now because they no longer fit into a mould of salvation there, through no fault of their own. If anything, they become more frantic about it. Example…In the last 5 years my husband has found ways to fit his testimony in with mw wherever he can, something he never did in 30 yrs. It breaks my heart.

    You leave any other church and they wish you well and continue to embrace your spouse the same as ever. It’s the one thing I find so unforgivable about the set up with the LDS doctrines and social structure.

    You’re right RFM…Love….love will keep us together!

  2. Yes that is such an appropriate closing song. Wow! Here is a case of true love. Fairy tales start with “Once upon a time and end with ” happily ever after.” I am deeply impressed with both of them and was going to listen to one of their podcasts before commenting but listened twice, once with my wife, and just felt like saying, ” Right on, what a noble ministry,” I have never listened to them because our marriage hasn’t been in need of their ministry but I think there is a lot to learn there. Right on Allan and Katy! Thank you. Bonus points to the stake president who said we only have a “teaspoonful” of understanding about the afterlife. My favourite line from the movie Seabiscuit is, “You don’t throw away a whole life just because it’s best up a little.” What a challenge to help people like this who are beaten up a little. When my wife starting seeing some inconsistencies I didn’t buy in with enthusiasm or quickly. The podcasts by Katy and Allan would have helped. I have gotten in the habit of listening to one RFM each day. Yesterday I got half way through True Believing Mormon number 19 when I saw the new one and the next two days will be Apostolic Coup d’état. And Dave, “starkers” is a great word I’ll have to add that to my vocabulary. Just think Adam and Eve were starkers in the garden of Eden. Thank you RFM for another valuable podcast. I second Allan’s proxy words about your good work.

  3. I listened to their last podcast. I recommend that you go and have a listen. Four couples discussed how they handle changes in the way they live the word of wisdom and how to make it work in their lives. It is good to know this resource is available to help people.

  4. Just finished this episode. Excellent discussion and some critical issues brought to the forefront. The issue about how certain “leaders” respond to Allan was especially salient. I hope RFM will elaborate more about certain “unnamed GAs” who may be exercising unrighteous dominion! Kudos to the Mounts who exercised a lot of restraint by not eagerly wanting to reveal names of people who treated them (or Allan) poorly. The Mounts are the real leaders! They saw a need and to action! Seems the D&C speaks to this issue…and yet some “high minded” so called “elect” feel it necessary to demean or degrade their sincere efforts!

    Kattie — my own family is tied to polygamy as well! NONE of which I was aware of until well into adulthood. We Western American Mormons are all part of this incredible saga of Western expansion and there is certainly some incredibly sad and troubling elements within it.

    Thanks for doing what you are doing! You both are a positive cultural shift that is desperately needed in Mormonism!

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