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Mormonism LIVE !: 006: LDS Handbook Changes Part 2

RFM and Bill Reel take a look at the December 2020 Changes to the General Handbook of Instruction within the LDS Church. This Second part starts with a special Guest, Wendi Wilcock Jensen, as we dive into the handbook section on Energy Work. From there we discuss the changes involving Transgender people, changes on the church’s approach to abuse, a new section on prejudice, and then we conclude with the new section on seeking reliable information and use a soundbite from a Mormonland Podcast interview to show that it is actually the LDS Church that is unreliable, non-credible, and deceptive. Soundbite parody in the voice of Gordon Bitner Hinckley at the beginning is from the TikTok artist Mitch Shira also under the name “genie man”. Please Check out his work !!!


5 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 006: LDS Handbook Changes Part 2”

  1. LDS priesthood holders denigrating others’ placebo-based practices, while extolling their own. Energy healers denigrating other energy healers’ placebo-based practices, while extolling their own. Good times …

    The moment you hear someone talk about “quantum mechanics” in the realm of healing or wellness, you know you’re hearing a BS explanation. Don’t fall for it.

    For science-based medicine information, please review

    1. Amen. Spot on. I particularly enjoyed the bit where the guest claims that anyone who says that they understood quantum mechanics but deny the validity of their flavor of placebo-effect are clueless.

      RFM and Bill do a great job threading the needle between not lending legitimacy to the “energy arts” and also not offending their guest.

  2. I always wince when I hear energy healers use the terms “quantum mechanics” or “frequencies” because they keep using those words but I don’t think those words mean what they think they mean, to paraphrase The Princess Bride.

    That aside, acupuncturists and chiropracters (who have personally benefitted me many times) finally are often subsidized by insurance companies. I’m disinclined to believe in “energy healing”, but as the guest Wendy pointed out, I also know nothing about it.

    Women have practiced healing arts since forever. Herbal remedies were developed by women, and crying “witch” was one way to disempower and abuse women. The church’s statements are reminiscent of these cries, at least to some degree.

    As pointed out, Utah is not the pinnacle of wellness during this pandemic, so priesthood blessings obviously are not working. Mormon church: pot meet kettle.

    Q15: Your attempt to keep women from spiritual legitimacy, and the resultant rise of the circus of “healers” in Utah are your doing! If you think you’re going to distance yourself from Julie Rowe or even Lori Vallow who was enticed by Daybell by granting her “the priesthood” : you created this mess, at least in part, and you deserve every bit of trouble your misogyny has created. Rant over. For now.

  3. What an insult this kind of restriction is to only trust the priesthood to be healed. How many cases of Covid did the priesthood heal in 2020?

  4. Wendi, while I am sure is meaning well, makes some pretty fantastic claims that are not backed by science.

    “Energy work” is not legitimate medicine.

    I am glad that Bill pushed back.

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