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Radio Free Mormon: 244: The Dan Lafferty Interview

In July of 2000, on the sixteenth anniversary of the double-murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, Utah radio host Tom Barberi arranged an interview with Dan Lafferty who was, and continues to be, serving a life-sentence in prison.

Dan Lafferty relates in horrific detail the events leading up to the murders, as well as the murders themselves.

*TRIGGER WARNING*–Due to the graphic nature of the events covered in the interview, this podcast is not suitable for all audiences.


16 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 244: The Dan Lafferty Interview”

  1. I am struck as Dan recounts his revelation-disclosing conversation with Alan that “Latter-day Saints are broken.” There was no passion. There was no natural feeling. There was just broken-hearted and dutiful resignation to the presumed turning of the gears of the machinery of God’s Kingdom.

    Dan: “Ron has received a revelation that talks about taking your wife’s and your child’s lives.”
    Alan (paraphrased): “I don’t want to fight the will of God. But if you were to try to fulfill this revelation and I were around, you would have to take my life too. I would have to defend my family with my life.”
    Dan: “I understand that. I just feel like I should tell you. I don’t know why necessarily. I don’t know that this will ever happen. I’m just telling you what I know at this point.”

  2. I left a message on YouTube that Tom barberi passed away last December 2021 but you can probably contact his daughter Gina Barberi @rfhgin on Twitter and Instagram.
    She is one of three hosts a radio show here in Salt Lake City called Radio from Hell.

    1. I just saw that there was a typo in my message. RFM if you want you can find Gina on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @frhgina I think you can e-mail her here: [email protected]
      Sorry about my sloppy fingers.

      1. BTW, I forgot to say that Gina is Tom Barberi’s daughter.
        Also I keep forgetting to tell RFM I’m the person sent the book Hearts Made Glad by LaMar Peterson. I sent the book after I heard a podcast RFM did about a book that LaMar Peterson wrote. I’d love to hear a podcast on Hearts Made Glad, about Mr. Peterson’s life and how his research got him excommunicated from the church.
        Anyway…that’s it, I think.

  3. RFM. I believe Tom Barberi died in 2021. He was on the air for like 40+ years in Utah. His daughter has been on x96 in SLC for 20+ years.

  4. This was riveting and shocking and sad and chilling! Thank you for sharing this, RFM, and for your thoughts. Incredible how someone can use “listening to the spirit” as justification for murdering a mother and a child. I used to teach seminary—I can’t believe as a TBM I didn’t have more revulsion at the Nephi-mudering-Laban business! SMH!

  5. The Nephi/Laban atrocity was one of several things that triggered
    my questioning self to raise my hand in protest. I soon realized what a violent POS my Mormon god (Old T. god) really was…not only violent but a BIGOT as well!
    I was OUT with in weeks.
    I now realize that event never happened. It was a fictional story
    presented as historic and true designed to scare religious people into submission.

  6. Dan is out of his mind. He is sick and brainwashed by the LDS crap. Disgusting. He is a cold blooded sociopathic murderer. I hope he is getting beaten and raped in prison daily. He is an evil man.

    1. You shouldn’t hope for that to happen to anybody. There’s a need in this world for radical compassion. That means wanting all living beings to feel happy, safe and secure. The belief that someone can do something that causes them to deserve pain and suffering is why Brenda and Erica were killed in the first place.

  7. This rare interview with Dan Lafferty is psychological gold for understanding cognitive dissonance. Dan who initially views Ron as Elohim’s mouthpiece to actually being Lucifer’s (son of perdition) is equal to the LDS constant revisionism since I was a member 40 years ago.
    “Revelation” via prayer or an Ouija board is merely projection of a narcissistic mind.
    Remembering this religion was “revealed” by a treasure hunter who stares at a rock in a hat says it all.

  8. Hello from Northern Ireland. I am an Evangelical Christian. It was difficult to listen to the voice of Dan Lafferty, a cold-blooded, unrepentant double murderer. He should have been sentenced to death along with his brother. Why did one receive a death sentence and the other life in prison when they were both guilty of the two murders? These murders may have been prevented if those who knew of the “revelation” of Ron Lafferty went to the police and warned Brenda of the danger she was in. Shame on those in that “school of the prophets” who did nothing to protect Brenda and Erica and double shame on Alan Lafferty who did nothing to protect his wife and daughter. Did the early Mormon doctrine of blood atonement influence the Lafferty brothers? I bring this up because of the gruesome manner of the victims’ deaths. Blood shedding was thought necessary to atone for sins and examples of this can be seen in the history of the Danites, the Mountain Meadows massacre and even in the Endowment ceremony pre-1990 when the patron agreed to the symbolic slitting of his or her throat if he or she revealed the secrets of the Endowment. Surely it is undeniable that to some degree Mormon doctrine formed the characters and influenced the actions of Ron and Dan Lafferty.

  9. This was chilling to listen to. I strongly believe that most Latter Day Saints would not follow the “spirit” if it told them to murder someone. However, it’s striking to me how much of the language that Dan used in this interview sounds like the language I would hear in testimony meeting – being led by the spirit, God works in mysterious ways, I have a special role to play in God’s plan, etc.

  10. Can you please do a podcast about what shady business dealing or things M Russell Ballard has done that you were eluding to in this recent podcast?

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