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Mormonism LIVE: 102: The Greatest Problem In The LDS Church

What is the greatest problem in the LDS Church? That question is at the heart of this week’s episode. Jim Bennett is our guest this week on Mormonism LIVE, as we explore this question and some of the territory surrounding it.


8 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 102: The Greatest Problem In The LDS Church”

  1. Did he really just say that the once awe inspiring message of the LDS church which was in essence “join a church led by the revelations of God”! to “join a church led by men who will do the best they can to get it right!” -really? The promise of having “leaders who try their best to get it right” is NOT the message I learned when I was investigating the church or for the 30 years I was an active member…

  2. This was a great discussion. I agreed with much of Mr. Bennett’s ideas and was left frustrated by certain things. At any rate, he seems like a good and reasonable man. This conversation does a great job of identifying the church’s inability or unwillingness to recognize its mistakes as a problem. However, the source of that problem is never identified and that source is the institutional pride of the church and the personal pride of the men who lead it. Until the church humbles itself and its leaders humble themselves, this problem will not go away and the church will continue to wilt.

  3. Great conversation about Joseph Smith’s intentions and there is surrounding polygamy. The problem for me—that I would have loved to have posed to Jim—is that even to accept polygamy (or other problematic “revelations”) as mistakes, we have to believe that for God the pain of Emma, Helen Marr Kimball, and all the others who wrestled with polygamy was acceptable collateral damage in the restoration of the gospel. Accepting prophetic “mistakes,” that have nonetheless real consequences, takes innocent victims and it requires an incredible amount of privilege to say that the ends justify the means, which is basically the crux of Jim’s argument (ie, that for him importance of sealing justifies the inexcusable route Joseph took to get there). I am no longer in a place where I can say that my eternal family is worth the suffering of countless women.

  4. Bravo and kudos. Great conversation and an example of how we all should interact with those we don’t fully see eye-to-eye.

    Jim Bennett, huge props for your willingness to engage with “ex-mo” podcasters again and again. I’m always impressed with your sincerity, honesty, etc. Thank you, sir.

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